Tracey Kinsella

Tracey Kinsella    Campbell Hall, New York

I’m SO thrilled you’re back with the only product that has EVER worked for rainrot on my horses! When my now 13 year old mare was 2-4 years old, she repeatedly got rainrot on her topline. I can remember winter nights treating it with cold, messy gel products that made neither of us happy! Not only that but I would treat her morning and night and it would still take ages to improve but didn’t seem to ever fully clear up. I searched and searched for different options and then one day, there was Resolve! I bought it, used it on her for the 3 days and the rainrot “resolved”! Not only that but she’s rarely gotten rainrot on her topline since. Plus it never causes irritation on her or my gelding and in most cases I only use it once or twice and that’s enough to resolve the rainrot. I’m SO grateful and I believe my equine friends are as well! Thank you! Tracey