Dawn Simmons

I’ve used Resolve for 6+ years to combat both rain rot and thrush.  Owning multiple horses that are pastured 24/7 in the Southeast means that rain rot is an ever-present threat.  Resolve is easy to use, provides quick results and is gentle and safe on my horses.  The treatment is simple (just once daily) – spray it on and let it do it’s job.  No bathing regime before treatment; no multiple treatments per day, and most importantly, no pulling painful scabs.  The product works.  After several days of treatment I can gently brush the scabs and loose hair off the horses to reveal fresh clear skin and new growth hair.  Same holds true for thrush – spray on the foot for one or two days – thrush is gone.  This is a staple product in my grooming kit.

Dawn Simmons,
Dallas, Georgia