The Dude who handles shipping

The Dude

Under new management. Hurray



Under new management.  Equine Safety Zone is being run by a more component and enthusiastic person this year.   So that means I don’t have to run this company anymore.  I do have to work here and will supervise the shipping.  I like doing that so you’ll get your packages in a timely manner.  The UPS driver is a friend of mine.  Not that, that makes a difference in delivery time just that he does make an effort to help me out when I get overwhelmed with last minute orders.  FYI we are experimenting with USPO because they deliver in a timely manner and actually at a cost savings which we will pass on.

Who am I.  I’m the Dude that puts your product in a box and gets it to you as soon possible.  I also run Crossed Arrows Farm.  My real job.  Currently the business aspect of selling and providing RESOLVE to our customers is the domain of Kathy J. Anderson.  She is the newbie but not new to business.  She got tired of me messing it up and decided it was time to leave the corporate world and do something she is enthusiastic about.  She is known as the  Patrona around here.  The Boss lady.  Mother of two, US Army Veteran and  Ex-paratrooper.  She is a Business woman and all round good person and my Boss.

I was told that I was to begin writing a blog.  Not sure how that was determined because I have never written a blog.  Well anyway I was told to write about my experience with horses and connect it to the Resolve product and website.  I can do that.   Living it.

I’ll have to start by saying that I am not as passionate about it as most true equine people are.  I love my horse but he is mostly here to help me retrieve cows when they escape the pasture and go into the woods behind our property.  That should not happen too much but it does from time to time then Kathy puts on her chaps and mounts up and we ride around in the woods looking for cows.  Have not found them this way but it is a fun thing to do while we wait for the cows to get hungry and come back on their own.

See the fact of the matter is Kathy rides for recreation and love of the animal and I ride as a practical skill required in my farming endeavors.   So how am I supposed to tie this back into the product that we sell and distribute.  I’m not sure how but I reckon I’ll just talk about day to day stuff and whenever something equine lifestyle comes up I will put in my two cents worth.

The Dude