About Resolve

  • The Resolve formula was originally developed to prevent, under extreme conditions, combat dermatological problems for our military
  •   Tested and approved by the Surgeon General for use by all branches of the armed services 
  • Awarded a federal contract as a Department of Defense antimicrobial

Safe and Effective

  • No need to shampoo before applying
  • No need to clip hair or pull off scabs
  • No need to take your horse out of the pasture because it works in a wet environment
  •  Only one application a day
  • Will not dry out your horses skin
  • Does not sting your horse when applied
  • It will deliver what we promise
  • Money back guarantee

Resolve Will Also Help

  • Rain Rot/Rain Scald 
  • Scratches/mud rash  
  • Ring worm 
  • Thrush
  • Saddle rash 
  • Mudrash 
  • Itchy tails and insect bites
  • Steptococcal dermititus/folliculitis causes by streptococcus equi (Strangles)